Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perspectives and Technique

The work above, "barn that is no more" I'll call it, is the painting demonstration of Bill Thompson. Six of our  Florida group made the short trek beyond our borders to gain perspective from one of "Alabama's Finest". To begin the "Color & Motion" workshop he took us on a lightening-speed presentation of the "science" of seeing. Shapes... Values... Edges... You must be able to observe the reality before distorting it- "Find a form & Lose it." We all learned ways to have a "fresh eye" from this former rocket-scientist, gone rogue; I mean, NASA Aerospace Engineer turned Artist. "Look at your painting backwards in a mirror". "Every area should be interesting, but not all edges should have equal importance. Everything is relative." Know your point and use contrast to emphasize it. The why's trumped the how-to's, before brush, knife, or feather touched the canvas.

A caulking gun- a vivid reminder not to be stingy with the paint.
A Fast and Furious "Take Off"
[click to enlarge photos]
Adding Color with an extended brush.

Knife Action!

A Few Final Dances between Paint and Canvas

Then the Show was Over. Observation Deck Closed.

I must add, to all the cerebral enlightenment- Bill's insistence that there are no rules. So, full of ambition to reinvent myself with each painting, yesterday I received an inquiry from my website. It was in regards to how he could "learn my technique", a Medical Surgeon asking me for help! Guess I could explain how I like to use my knife to blur the edges. (Bill, thanks for the tip... cuz my edges were way to sharp.)


Pam Holnback said...

Thank you for posting all the photos and workshop info. No matter how many times we've heard it before, we need to hear it more! Marketing people say you have to hear something 16 times to make it stick. Well, I think I now need to hear things 16 times each year!

Carol Blackburn said...

Wow Jill, looks interesting. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Love your work.

Dana Cooper said...

Jill, I can't wait to see where your new found wisdom takes your beautiful work! Thanks for posting the's a fun story too!

Gary Keimig said...

sounds like a great workshop. It will be fun to see where this does take you. go to it.

Karen said...

Wonderful concise 'guide to painting'. Thanks for that!

Marie Theron said...

Hi Jill, a wonderful action painting! Will you keep doing it? I think there is always place for impressionism even if it is a background to something else.

Nina E Jørgensen said...

awesome! I love to see how the process it, great results, sounds like a good class

Teresa said...

That was interesting and informative. Digesting that info now. Thanks for posting.

P.S. I think your style would be difficult to improve upon... I like your clean edges.... adds a certain freshness and vitality.

Karen Bruson said...

Wow, thanks so much for sharing what you learned.

Jill Berry said...

So glad you all enjoyed the workshop.

I have learned SO MUCH from all of you!

Thank you, Carol!

Dana- yeah, life's a Mystery...huh?

Karen P.- yep... with all this knowledge floatin around, who has time for the old manuals.

Marie- I don't know what I'm doing 1/2 the time... so that's a question only time will tell. I can say- I am an Impressionistic girl... I know that much.

Teresa- Thanks~ u r sweet~