Friday, May 14, 2010

My "Triple Crown" Winner!!!

It was a packed house! The place to be Friday night... "First City- Pensacola's Premier Juried Art Show". Mrs. Norris presents her generous memorial award in honor of her husband, an artist, art-lover, and founder of the gallery.
"Nationally known Quayside Art Gallery, in the historic district of Pensacola, Florida. Constructed in 1873, one block North of the wooden quays or wharves for square rigged sailing ships, the two story building was headquarters and social center for the Germania Steam Fire Engine and Hose Company. The building remains much as it was when it housed the "Marie Louise," a 2.5 ton horse-drawn steam pumping engine."
If you look closely on the horizon of the photo below you'll see a ship docked in the bay. (click to enlarge) 
It would seem like bad news that my "Sun Day" beach painting was not accepted, except for the fact that only one can make it. When deliberating what to enter, I remarked that everyone has already seen my "Walk Way", as it just took 1st at the Art Study Club Show. And before that a prize at the Fair. "You don't quit running a winning horse", was the dinner-table advice. So now I call this my "Triple-Crown" Winner!
Other Juried-in Gang-Members
You can tell by their smiling faces that they too are outdoor-lovers...  plein air painters of FL currently showing in AL. (Fred- you should be smiling ~even more~ considering the big prize you just won!)


Gilberto said...

Triple Crown “Winner” Hum!! I feel to have some shears on that wining horse; in any case I am happy for your well done run, Bravo

Gwen Bell said...

Congrats, Jill! Looks like a really beautiful Gallery and like you had a wonderful time.

Pam Holnback said...

Congratulations! A well deserved smile!

Carol Blackburn said...

Congratulations, I am so happy for you and you look very pleased. Which of course, you should be.

Marie Theron said...

Congratulations, Jill! And what a lovely evening you had. That venue is something to dream about. Once again, a well-deserved win!

Teresa said...

Congratulations, Jill, you're on a roll! Good advice from your dinner table companions!

Chuck Dilmore said...

whoa... Jill!


Jill Berry said...

As always~
I look forward to your responses.
In an unseen but certain way,
we do share in each others successes as we cheer one another on.
I'm happy to report that the "Walk Way" has been SOLD! New owners... though my wall will miss it.

Yes~ livin the dream! But it's gettin high-time to wake myself up & check on that dinner-table detail.

Thanks again.

Becky Joy said...

Congratulations. What a beautiful gallery. It looks like everyone had a great time.