Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sailors' Day Out

Today I'm showing a "pre plein-air" in relation to my recent style or progression as a painter. (Click painting for a up-close) To critique myself... the shadow areas might be shy. I like the texture in the warm land mass, in contrast to the blueness. Diagonals in composition express excitement. It speaks of action, in a freeze frame sort of way. Both it's size (24x30) and intimate view are not typical of plein-air work.
Before I joined the plein-air group, I had no practice in finding a composition on the spot. When searching for inspiration to paint, I went through a phase of seeing the world via travel photos on computer. Before that I'd visit the library, carrying armfuls home. The picturesque kind are the heavy ones. The source for this work came from a book on sailing. I was happy with it and entered it in our local juried "First City" show. The ladies at the desk liked it, but the judge...not so much. In both the previous and subsequent years my work was accepted and also sold. Both were plein air, originally inspired- sparked from within, not my rendition of a photo.
As "Sailors' Day Out" was displayed at the "Officers' Club Show" on the Navy base, I overheard my son comment, "If that doesn't sell, it's going home with me". So, yeah... the sailor's are above his fireplace. Though he'd probably sell them. Times are rough, plus he's quite the salesman.


Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Thank God for sons. However I think this is a great peace. Well done.

L.Holm said...

I like this, too, Jill. It has a really fresh, immediate feel to it despite being done from a photo. (plus I love the subject!)

Nina E Jørgensen said...

I like the way the water and the waves are done

Karen Bruson said...

Your son sounds adorable.
This subject would be impossible to paint plein air. I tried painting boats that were moored and they kept spinning around. Yikes! I took a photo and gave up.

Karen said...

I agree with could you not use a photo here? You'd have to use a lot of your memory, at least! Glad it has a home...

Jill Berry said...

Thanks girls for your gracious commentary~

yes...God IS r cool too.

Liz! (one of the most popular painter/bloggers out there is over here! Thx!) Your Norfolk voyage looks exciting! [And, What a TAN!]
When we lived on the OBX- NC, we had to go to Norfolk to do anything that wasn't remotely rural.

Nina~ always exciting to hear thoughts of an Art-student from the mother-country. Thanks for your in-put.

Karen B~ Yeah, spinning boats & changing light... a double whammy!
Right now, the wind is so fierce... I feel bad for all the artists with tents up at the art festival in Fairhope today.

Karen~ Yeah, & I don't have that much memory to spare! I don't think saving my allowance $$ for a model is an option either.
I hope you didn't get sunburnt this week. I thought of you when I ran across a photo of me at the beach in NC, sketch pad in hand. I was about 18, so I can't find the drawing to post (plus I was too skinny).