Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In the Space Between

Here we are at the waterfront docks in downtown Pensacola, otherwise known as Plaza de Luna & the Palafox Pier Marina. With so many options it was a tough choice, then finally... it was the space between these two boats that had something to say. They are opposites in ways, but close. The warm splash of color that visually tied them was my focus. "The Space Between", 11x14, Oil. SOLD.
Simply to exhibit my "Deep South Pride", this outing will include, free of charge, these additional pics. (Heron on the Plaza, Downtown Magnolia, Little Birdfeeder, & Tied Up Right Now). Thanks for visiting! Do come again!


Ramesh Jhawar said...

Lovely painting Jill! And the pics are beautiful too, especially the little bird feeder...she's cute!!
I'm amazed how you can work standing in the sun! Don't you use any umbrella? How long does it take to finish?

Marie Theron said...

Hi Jill, I love your painting! Do you know we did almost the same sort of scene some weeks ago and today I have again posted something similar to yours with lots of blue and two boats! Soul sisters?

Nancy Medina said...

I love your work and your painterly style Jill, no matter what you paint it is wonderful. Marie is right - I saw this post and thought of hers!

Karen said...

Cool composition...funny how you can take the in-between part and make it the focus.
Interesting question about the no do you do that and not mess us your colors/values?

I loved FL last week!! The light there was SO wonderful.

Gwen Bell said...

Love the way you've composed this with the one boat cropped a bit. It puts the focus on that great space in the water and the reflection. Really nice. So hard to wrap my head around your ability to paint like this in Plein Aire! You are GOOD, girl!

Luzia said...

You have done a perfect job. And the pics of the bird and little girl are realy beautiful. Greetings from Luzia.

amparoc said...

Very, very nice your pictures

Karen Bruson said...

There you are on the waterfront while we New Englanders are stuck inside during the rain. Lovely painting. Water and boats aren't easy to paint.

Jill Berry said...

Hey everyone!!!
I hope you all are able to enjoy some quite time this week... as well as celebrations with family and friends. When everything looks dim, remember...Sunday's coming!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the pics.
My daughter got me an umbrella that attaches to the easel (which she also gifted me with.I keep it in the trunk, just in case. We start painting out at 9:00... by 11:00 most are packing up. Usually I am the last to leave. Still I avoid the hottest part of the day especially during the summer. To enjoy cooler temps our group will start meeting an hour earlier when it gets hot(which is not as hot as India!).
I usually get a good "first coat" on, and then finish at home.

Hey~ soul sista!
I see what your sayin'!

My heart grew at your "painterly style" comment! Thanks.
Guess it's already time for me to head out west again. Houston Art I come!

Karen~ funny is as funny does~ btw thanks for the wild monkey on the loose article! Now that's something u don't see everyday, even in these parts. 'minds me of
my Dad's favorite tourist attraction in S.FL.- Monkey Jungle! This week the group is scheduled to paint at a farm with even Buffalo!! The craziest wild animal I encountered while painting was a wild boar! Though he fancied himself a farm animal! After following some hunters home, he never left the farm!
On the brightness issue- I'm just winging it out there...learning as I go. I find that a lot of my adjustments at home do have to do with values.
Actually this painting was done mostly in the shade of the building at the marina. A boater/photographer suggested we move my easel out a few feet so I wouldn't be total silhouette in this photo.

Thanks Miss (southern) Bell...
your too KIND.

Thanks Luzia~ for the pic comment, coming from a pro!

amparoc~ Welcome! & Thank you very much!

Karen~ The rain doesn't seem to dampen your boat painting spirits!
My mood to finish a painting changes as often as the weather. What you see may not be what I'm getting. I'll probably be posting my sweater-weather work in July! Thanks for stopping by!