Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mosaic: The Last Adventure

In this artistic adventure... no paint or canvas... but intrigue and history of mosaic. My second and final mosaic "masterpiece" was this 42 inch table, a labor of love, that was adopted by my son as his kitchen table. After planning the geometrics, each square was cut, adhered, and grouted on a clear glass tabletop.
Now let's visit the work of a Byzantine mosaicist. Shown is the Jerusalem section of a much larger map.
"The Madaba Mosaic Map is a unique piece of art realised in 6th cent. A.D. (Jordan). The mosaic represents the biblical land from Egypt to Lebanon, including Sinai, Israel, Palestine, and Transjordan. The mosaicist conceived and carried out his masterwork with great topographical skill and biblical knowledge. The Madaba Mosaic map is deemed by some scholars to be the best topographic representation ever done before modern cartography. As a source of biblical topography the map is fully comparable with the well-known treatise on the biblical places written in Greek about 395 A.D. by the historian Eusebius of Caesarea and translated into Latin by Jerome about 490 A.D.Our aim is to present the richness of this little known masterpiece of art , religion and science to all people interested in the biblical places or just in the best achievements of humanity. " Eugenio Alliata
If you are inclined toward maps, mosaics, or time travel...here's your link...
Another great spot in Jordan... Petra!
Indy took a moment to snap this pic before our archaeological adventure called us back...into the treasury... in search of... the cup... that gives eternal life.


Ramesh Jhawar said...

Oh that table mosaic work is absolutely amazing, Jill!

Anita Stoll said...

Your post are always so interesting to read. I admire your acheivents.Thank you for sharing.

Paula said...

That is just brilliant. I never would have been brave enough to do it on a glass table top. Now I'm really intrigued...did you use tiles or stained glass?

Jill Berry said...

I so appreciate your encouraging responses.

yeah...when it is part of a move, I fear for it's life. It's stained glass, cut of numerous types. Some from large pieces purchased for the project, but adding a great variety are all the "scrapes" from an artist who was moving. I have boxes full. Wonder if I should go mixed media, before all my shards become history?

Chuck Dilmore said...

stunning work, Jill!
so glad it stayed in the family!

thanks, too, for the history/art/travel lesson...
i'm impressed by your adventurous spirit!


Pam Holnback said...

Absolutely beautiful table. Since you have boxes full you should do more. And, love the history. I spent 8 months in Israel many years ago. Never been to petra.

Jill Berry said...

Chuck- Sorry the Sunshine state didn't live up to her reputation on your recent travels. Shall I speak to the Board of Tourism about a refund?

Pam- Thanks for sharing. We had to fly in & out of Amman (because of border issues) but these sites were incredible. The color variations evident in the wind-worn sandstone are enough to keep the artist-eye entertained...not to mention some people (B.C.) Carved these massive structures. There's a lot more to it than this main one.
Yes, and Israel is a special land, something about the Galilee area for me...besides the shore & the water.
And then the map...having been placed bit by bit centuries before, now uncovered & serving as a visual aid to the historic reality of all the sites we had just visited. Thamks to an ancient artisan!

Mary Jane said...

Exquisite, Jill!

How long did that take you?
It looks very labor intense,
but very much worth the time!

Thank you for sharing.
Mary Jane

Cindy said...

The mosaic table is gorgeous! Love it.

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I love this mosaic table Jill, and what makes it so special in part is that your son uses it at his kitchen table...well done.

susan hong-sammons said...

Fantastic table and interesting read.
Have you had to stop plein air, temporarily due to the cold?

Jill Berry said...

Thanks (girls)
Mary Jane-
Time? several weeks, quality time, with an enduring art-form... sandwiched between floral design, delightful work, but...flowers fade...

Our group was back in action this morning (12 strong). Chatting at the bakery and painting historic downtown (60 degrees again). Gotta say...it felt mighty fine to be back out. Our new & only by-law...40& below- stay warm, stay home. Yeah, during that ~cold~ ...we were setting records of my lifetime here last week.
I see you're doing your part to beautify Greenville! Pitt County... I always thought they should rename it. The Tar-Heel state... that too.
Thanks for caring... now, for a fresh glimpse of your work...

Luzia said...

Oh Jill, that´s a really masterpiece! An absolutely beautiful table and I would like to sit on and have a drink with you.......

L.Holm said...

Wow, Jill, this is gorgeous! what a lot of work. Lucky son! lol. Have you done a "painted image" in addition to geometric before?
Your trip sounds fantastic.

Jill Berry said...

Glad you stopped by, ladies...
Yes, he's a lucky son-

And he got to visit Germany too!
Great idea!!
Let me know when you're visiting.
Another adventure would be to swap houses some time!!

Perhaps the waterlilies, in my previous post are that style (?).
That was my...introduction into the medium. Then after seeing this table, while driving by a yard sale, I knew it had possibilities.

☼ FRANCE ☼ said...

Bonsoir et bien tout simplement magnifique j'adore

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The table is FANTASTIC!