Monday, December 21, 2009

Painter's Paradise ~ Book Signing

The Painter's Paradise book signing turned out to be a special event. I got to know other artists and together we interested customers in our collaborative effort- a great coffee-table book of paintings that illustrate our area. This was at the Eastern Shore Centre, near Mobile Bay. I hope you all are enjoying your "Christmas-time in the city"~~~


Ramesh Jhawar said...

It must have been an enjoyable experience! Congratulations!
You look very good in the photograph:)

Nina E J said...

Book signing is always fun!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Congratulations on your book signing. I wish you and your family and very Happy Holiday.

Chuck Dilmore said...

whoa.. this is excellent, Jill!

i recognize that piece that you're signing!
how very exciting.

peace & love to you and yours~

Silver Sage Gallery said...

Congratulations, Jill. That has to be a really rewarding experience. Would be fun to see the book. How many artists collaborated on this project?
A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

rahina q.h. said...

congratulations! wishing you all the best. r.

Ana Márquez said...

I wish you that in 2010 you’ll live sweet and lovely moments.
Happy new year, with the time in your arms :-)

A million of kiss, God bless you.

Ana Márquez

Paula said...

That's just wonderful, Jill. I love it when local artists and writers are featured in print.
I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Jill Berry said...

& warm wishes back to you~
my friends!
I'm anxious to catch up on your blogs. They have been a great learning experience for me. And the kindness of your comments is immeasurable.

(The book was produced by the Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, Alabama. It serves as a wonderful pictorial of the area which has a reputation as an art community. The works of about 100 artists were chosen. The Foreword is by Fannie Flagg, and the Intro by Winston Groom. I originally shared this honor in my March 30th post.)

Luzia said...

It looks like If you have had a lot of fun?! Greeings from Luzia.