Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Good Life

Usually our group meets at a public location, but for this day someone arranged this spectacular private residence with lovely gardens. I chose this view to include the wild roses in the foreground and path to the boathouse. The focal point was established from the beginning by considering the placement of warm/cool, dark/light relationships.
This morning I was reminded of a lesson I taught the kids. With the use of statistics, I described a place where the great percentage of good things could be had... video games, tvs, cars, food, resources, toys. Of course they said "I want to live there!" And, of course, they already were. For my title, instead of "The Big House", I'm going with "The Good Life"- 9x12,Oil.


Sonia said...

Gorgeous painting!

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Lovely painting Jill! I like the title too, very apropos!

Marie Theron said...

Such a nice story in pictures, and the end result is a true little postcard!

kathrin said...

very nice, that all !!! Kathrin

BaysideLife said...

So much to say about this series of photos--lovely painting, awesome shadow pic, I could die happy in that pool. When I saw the first picture, I thought you might have made a road trip to Wickford Rhode Island. The road that leads to the Wickford Art Club looks so much like this,its eerie. Thanks for jogging my memory of a place I spent many happy hours enjoying the art some very talented artists.

Lori McNee said...

Hi Jill-

I have really enjoyed looking at your fresh plein air paintings and blog stories.

Thanks for sharing your view of life!

Lori :-)

Luzia said...

What a wonderfull place to live! The photo with your shilouette is great - I like this kind of shadowpictures. But your painting ist the best of all pictures! Really a lovely szene. Greetings from Luzia.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Hi Jill, it's beautiful. I have been working with a limited palette and your colors are a feast to behold. Well done.

Chuck Dilmore said...

wow, Jill...
love your latest!
it even appears to have a lens-like depth of field.

beautiful, beautiful work!


Jill Berry said...

painter & photographer buddies
for checking up on me this week.

That shadow pic was a ~cool~ surprise to me when I viewed my pics that day.

I appreciate you mentioning the "view".
We all have a Voice,
& are remiss when silence ourselves.

Jill Berry said...

An admirable attempt on your part!
I'm quite addicted to having so many colors, I'm sure I would suffer withdrawals.

Nina E J said...

Great paintings. I like the photos where you can see you working. It puts it all in perspective.

susan hong-sammons said...

Hi Jill,
Love the lead-in to the serenity of your painting! I can just feel the warmth and sun

veredit said...

fantastic colors and very successful lighting conditions. A nice place to joint work.

Karen said...

The way you softened the focus in the foreground in this one is really spectacular! It drew me right in...and the flowers just POP! They just jump off the canvas!