Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking for the Moon Shine

Do you ever get a creative surge in the dark of night and try to imprint it for later? Ever grab a pen in the middle of the night to safeguard your brainstorm? Ever play "Cranium"... and have to draw "Sensosketch"- with your eyes closed? That's about how this painting felt. I was seeing more light and color than the camera picked up. But, as far as recording it on canvas, all I could attempt to do, was let the brush feel the canvas in a similar motion as the sky and water, and choose paint from either the warm or cool side of the palette.
It turned out to be a fun girls'-night-out in Gulf Breeze with a couple of friends. Kay shared her recent workshop experience as we sat on the picnic table and anticipated the full moon rising. We went ahead and set up, Rhoda wore a hat with a light! We worked quickly. My canvas was covered, and just before I added the string of lights and reflections on the distant shore, the orange moon appeared over my shoulder, on the bay, surprising me. I assumed it was already concealed in the clouds. Plein air is about capturing the moment, and I left glad that the moon showed up. I felt like we completed our mission- to paint the moon.
Moon Rise, 12x16, Oil


Marie Theron said...

Hi Jill, in Odessa, Hamburg and several European harbour cities, a group of Ukranian artists have painted the harbour scene at night on very large canvasses. The outcome was also very abstract. I do not think it can be otherwise. Your photos make us all wish we were there!

Kathy said...

You succeeded in creating a wonderful effect! I've painted at night a few times - it's quite a challenge and you're very good at it. Maybe you should enter my twenty minute challenge!

Nancy Medina said...

Jill, I love the movement in this, and it has a little bit of a dreamlike quality - perfect for an evening painting! what a fun night with your friends, and a great painting to show for it. Women, we are so good at multitasking! : )

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Jill, what a difference in style when the darkness prevents fretting. I really like it. and the description is nice, picturing friends working alongside each other.

Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful, sweeping focus on the gem!
reflecting, being reflected.
this is just delicious, Jill!

happy that you did this!

Amalia said...

Hi Jill, this is incredible, I have never painted in the dark, the other day I didn't go to paint because it was getting late but I couldn't think of painting in the dark, good idea, perhaps some crazy day i will try it. Finally I haven't gone yet to paint, but i will go before the week ends, I promise.

Sonia said...

You captured such a peaceful atmosphere, dear Jill! Gorgeous painting!

Nina E J said...

Wow just stunning!

Paula said...

I'll bet it was a lovely night, it sounds like a great exercise in trusting your training and experience. Beautiful, Jill.

Karen said...

I love the idea of feeling your way into and around the painting...and then there's something funny and great about just plopping in the moon when it appears!
That is some crazy-big canvas for a night painting!

Celeste Bergin said...

nicely done!

Jill Berry said...

Everyone...I enjoy your input!!!

Marie- I'm so glad you're sharing in the experience...all the way from South Africa!

Kathy- Perhaps I will sometime.
Sounds like a fun challenge.
Like gesture drawing in college...
but more time, and with the medium of my choice. Thanks for the compliment.

Nancy- Well, if anyone can...it's you (multitask)! Thanks.
Yeah, moovin' & groovin'...

Amalia- I'll be checking up on you!
No pressure thought.

Karen- It all about the night moves!

Celeste- Welcome!

Don Bishop said...