Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Flame and the Bloom

I know I promote Florida as if on the board of tourism here. But there are things I miss from the days of my youth in Kentucky... driving it's curves, the rise and fall of hilly terrain... experiencing the rotation of the seasons: Autumn color, ice on trees, trampoline days of Spring, water-skiing at the lake and camping for weeks.
Recently I had the pleasure of Autumn in N. Georgia and a family retreat! When I saw the blue ridge of mountains from the back deck, I had to grieve momentarily for not bringing paints, but knew, with a dozen other folks to consider... this wasn't painting time. The back deck with it's hot-tub and fireplace would be used to make smores, tell old stories, watch deer roam free, and create new memories.
One evening I returned from the heated pool and was given a note, left by Mom, informing me of the death of my first painting instructor- Nelle Vaughn. My mind trailed back to her basement studio... my first oils on canvas... learning to paint porcelain china around the table with the older ladies... me, staying with her two youngest while she decorated the interiors of our little town... she, a single mom, coming home, unloading the kiln, readying for art class... the opportunity I was given, in the form of a question from Mom, "Jill, would you like to take art lessons?". The fire of art was lit in me that day. The blooming still continues. (Mom is pictured above, in the green jacket). Thank you, Mom!


Chuck Dilmore said...

b e a u t i f u l

your trip
your story
you & your Mom
your latest work!

warms the heart, Jill...
thank you for sharing it all with us!
peace~ Chuck

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Hi Jill,
Nice still life painting! The photographs are lovely and so are your thoughts!

kathrin said...

how nice it is !!!
Halloween comes soon :-))
hugh kathrin

Karen said...

What a beautiful story the way you tell it. I'm sure she be honored by your mention and knowing how she set you on this path.

That is a lot of pumpkins!

Interesting, I did not know you lived in Florida.

Paula said...

I miss the rotation of the seasons, even after all these years of living in Florida. The countryside is beautiful and such gorgeous pumpkins!

Pam Holnback said...

Your mom is the flame, which lit you. You are the bloom, who continues to blossom!

Ed Cooper said...

Thanks for the kind comments Jill,

Glad I found your blog...your writing style is great and really insperational.

Ive never seen pumpkins that size!...I dont think they grow like that here in the UK!

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

This is a lovely tribute piece Jill, and I love the story that went with it...I'm sure your art teacher would be honored!

Jill Berry said...

Your comments always come as special treats!
Thanks for mentioning the story and writing style this week. I do enjoy sharing my thoughts.

It sure felt good to get back painting outside this weekend. So I think the "plein air journal" is back on track.

Ed~ Thanks again for being #100. I celebrated with coffee & chocolate.
Your work is great! I'm partial to the paintings... but the drawings are tremendous also.

Ana Márquez said...

I like your work, your way of using the color is very interesting. Greetings from Spain :-)

Nancy Medina said...

Great images Jill, I still have such fond memories of my first painting teacher. I'm glad you posted this because it made me think of her after many years...
stay warm in freezing, cold, chilly Florida! ; )

Ana Márquez said...

In Spain we don't have this kind of pumpkin :-)What's a pity.

Your blog is lovely :-). Sorry for my bad English. A great kiss from Spain for you

Jill Berry said...

Welcome!!! to my new friends.

Thanks so much for your kindness and comments.
I just noticed on your blog, that you commented to me in English. Thanks.
I like your profile picture! It's great! Beautiful!

Thxs! you Twitter-bugger!