Monday, August 31, 2009

Waterside Crepe Myrtle

Can you believe I found this crepe myrtle that likes to hang out on the water? It lives at a little RV park. To get the view I wanted required this extreme position, and lots of adjusting the easel legs. In case you are not familiar with a French easel- it is a nifty piece of equipment that folds up into a wooden box that you can carry with a shoulder strap. When I first got it, though feeling nonchalant and confident just to be carrying it- I probably resembled Barney Fife given a fire arm. Being the right-brain, non-mechanical person that I am, wing-nuts and hinges don't excite me. But with practice, now I can custom build it to fit this incline. Sharing this experience would not be complete without factoring in the heat index. Just before I ~fainted~ from heat exhaustion, the very last words I heard were coming from the pool area~ "You-look-so-hot !". (didn't really faint) But the temps did require a cool-down, and I think I sizzled as I got in.
~ For a detail of painting, click on it ~
Waterside Crepe Myrtle. SOLD


Maree said...

Lovely Crepe Myrtle and lovely extreme position! Here's the grand-mother in me - you should be wearing something over those exposed shoulders! Beautiful painting Jill.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Pam Holnback said...

Great water reflections. Do you ever use an umbrella? Just wondering about the glare on the canvas, I'm always looding for a little bit of shade.

Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful, Jill!
million-dollar spot. and
awesome job on the easel, if you're so inclined!

once a year
when someone says
that i look hot, i just blush. "thanks!"

Gwen Bell said...

Gorgeous! Love the tree and the way you painted the reflections in the water.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Wow, I have a hard time setting my french easel up on flat ground - never mind a hill! Beautiful painting, Jill. Looking closer, I noticed you seem to load your brush with two colors per stroke?

Cindy said...

Gorgeous painting. Crepe Myrtles are such a beautiful flowering bush. I can see why you picked that spot. Very beautiful and serene looking.

Jill Berry said...

Thanks~ gramma Maree...
for your comment & concern. it because I am behaving immodestly or because of the solar rays?

Sara~ Thank you so much for letting me know you are out there enjoying the read. Please do join in.
I enjoyed the art you share from you-tube on your site. Great learning tool~ those little vids.

Pam~ Thanks for commenting.
Yes, I have an umbrella that I could have gotten out of the trunk and attached to my contraption, Dr. Seuss style ~ leaning out over the water all top heavy & tried not to fall in w/ it.
No more excuses, I'll try to do better next time.
ps- I couldn't help but notice that a former teacher is over here miss-spelling words!

~Le Pensive Comic~
(I'm practicing 5-9 word answers)
Whoops just went over...Too bad it doesn't often get hot enough to make you flush or blush in upstate.

Thanks Gwen~
Cool cupcake painting! I'll come over & check it out when I'm not so hungry.

Thanks Janelle~ I see things in there when I blow it up that I can't see from an arm-length away.
I'm the "accidental artist" when it comes to double loading a brush!

Cindy, Thanks!
Your FL photography is inspiring. I stop by but never decide which to comment on. All very nice!

Karen said...

Your position hurts my back just looking at it, but it certainly paid off. Really really great marks on there!

I think that voice was probably speaking figuratively. hee hee.
How about a bikini next time?

Jill Berry said...

Now Karen, you know a serious art contestant wouldn't strut around in a bikini~ maybe an apron...
I think I read somewhere that old ladies shouldn't wear them either...besides they are against my religion.
Behind the glossy photo is one thrilled to be standing on that leg again after recovering from meniscus-tear surgery, which is the real reason I was sitting to paint in that post. There I started talking ailments- so you know I'm getting old~

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Wow it's lovely. What great colors and composition. I didn't do any plein air paintings this week and miss it a great deal. Excellent!

Karen Bruson said...

Beautiful painting. Love all the confident brushstrokes.

Angela Elledge said...

Hello Jill,
Your painting makes me so jealous; I've been wanting to paint outside so badly, but the weather here is still too hot. I love our bold and loose strokes, perfect balance of horizontal and short dabs. Thanks so much for visiting my blog; I really appreciate it! Now on to being thankful that our 3 digit temps have dropped to 2 digits, hopefully that means fall is on the way so I can post more plein air works. Take care. Angela

L.Holm said...

Even more amazing than the heat and the location of the crepe myrtle, is the painting. Wow!! This is fantastic, Jill. full of life, action, and beautiful color. It feels just the way you described it!

Victor Errington said...

Hi Jill. I`m new to your blog and
am very pleased that my friend
Joan Sicignano had you on her Blog.
Absolutely fantastic and brilliant
paintings you do Jill. Also, it is
a real Eye opener to see how you
prepare for a painting. Fantastic
Idea. Thank you and all the best

Jill Berry said...

Thanks Joan,
You'll get back out there...It's in your blood now!

Karen B.-
Thanks, a brushstroke comment warms the heart.

I appreciate your visit & hope you are getting to paint this week-end while not laboring.
Thanks for the notable note on brush strokes with directional variety in balance. Others perspectives are so valuable.

Thank You Liz!
Your so-kind encouragement is an honor.

I think my comments hit a new level with "brilliant", thanks a lot!

Don Bishop said...

Very nice but my back is getting sore just looking at you! said...

Hi Julie,
You have some very fine work on here, a gift for sure.