Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Plein Air ??

While in Houston, I am a fish out of water. Amidst the huge setting of brick this aqua-marine jewel sparkled. If plein air means: an outdoor scene painted totally from life, without the aid of photos, then this one meets the criteria. However, between me and this third story view is a window, so technically I was not in the open air. Is it any less authentic or romantic to know that Monet painted the Grand Canal in Venice from his accommodations with electric lights, and then went home and had them installed in his studio?My start - blocking in shapes of temperature. Building composition as I go, originally I liked the arch of the left structure; then I eliminated it, in favor of the one on the right.
The blooms increased during my stay. But one day I was saddened to see the pool and fountain were totally drained, my little oasis in the desert was gone.
"Springs in the Desert", 11x14, Oil


susan hong-sammons said...

what a complicated and well done piece. Is this your typical way to start? I found it very interesting to see what you chose to emphasize and what you decided to down-play.

Jill Berry said...

Thanks so much for your input.
Yes, this is fairly typical for me to start by assembling parts as if putting together a puzzle. This is probably unorthodox from your experienced perspective. I am still in the experimental stage. In this way of direct color application, I must train myself to think in terms of the whole construction, the value map.

Gary Keimig said...

Nice Jill. Like the colors you used. Gave the scene a life.

Karen Bruson said...

Jill, Great job on this painting. Love the turquoise. I tried numerous times to leave a comment.

Karen said...

Jill, that's funny...my husband accuses me of 'cheating' when I do stuff like that. hee hee.
Your work is always instructive to me about editing. Thanks for that!

Sonia said...

Your art works are truly an inspiration!! Stunning art pieces!

SJ Studio said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for posting the starting block in photo. Very nice to see the start. AND it still counts in the plein air thing not that it really matters.

The more I read up on the early masters, the more I find out they used whatever tools were available at the time. Grids, mirror boxes, etc for layout. Stuff like that. I am sure if they were around today, a lot of these guys (and gals) would have nice big flat panel monitors in their studios to work from. OK enough of this!

Nice painting Jill : )

Gwen Bell said...

This turned out great. I even like the 1/2 finished version. Great job!

Patrick said...

Hello Jill,

For me, knowing you have painted trough a window doesn't matter at all :)

Warm colors and blue water perfectly mix here. This image makes me think to North Africa...

Just like Gwen, i also find the work in progress image very interesting.

Jill Berry said...

To ALL -
I so look forward to your interaction via your comments.

To Sonia (the new girl)
Your blog is fun and your drawings great.

Karen - "Instructive to you" !! Well, I appreciate the sweet comment.

Sonia said...

Jill, thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting my blog!! Coming from such a talented artist, it meant a lot to me... :)