Monday, June 8, 2009

Lady in the Red Hat

I was wanting to paint beach umbrellas. So a few weeks ago, I packed up and headed across the bridge to the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Where Tiffiny in her red hat was happened upon. I got right to work but her moments of leisure were cut short to go pick up her daughter. She was a great inspiration, all the while unsuspecting. As she passed me under the shelter, I said, "my subject is leaving"... and gave her a card. So she called, curious to see the finished piece. It is a good thing I stop and take photos.
The other thing I was quite happy to find that day at the beach was shade!! I was not expecting to find my subject in view from this pavilion. So I tried out my "no-tears" sunscreen which I couldn't wait to wash off my face, and did so at the Sunset Grill while they cooked up my grouper sandwich. UMM (For my blogger friends wishing for a coastal view- my treat in exchange for your demo.)
"Lady in the Red Hat", 11x14, Oil on canvas, SOLD
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Celeste Bergin said...

Very nice really captured the joy of leisure.

Chuck Dilmore said...

this is amazing to me...

woman in million-dollar spot.
woman captures woman.
woman captures self.

you are blowing our minds!
(but in good ways!)

MGentry said...

That lady is my twin sister! I love the painting! Do you ever make more than one painting, and how much does it go for? I would love to own the painting, but see that it already sold...probably to the subject!

PJ said...

I like your methodology, and the outcome. It sounds like your subject was delighted.

Jill Berry said...

Thank you for your inquiry and the comment on recognizing Tiff's body posture.
I have never tried to do a twin painting. She did tell me about her twin today, and the big party at the Officer's Club, Happy B-day!
Perhaps I could do one very similar but still original, like twins. I will send you some alternate poses to choose from.
Thanks Again

Karen said...

Okay first of all I can't believe how gutsy you are to set up and paint someone unsuspecting like that.
And I absolutely love that translucency in the wave. Wow.

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I love this painting and the story behind it!
I'm not sure what you meant by "For my blogger friends wishing for a coastal view- my treat in exchange for your demo"?

Jill Berry said...

Hey Dana,
I was trying to tempt you all here with a fish sandwich.
This is a nice place for a workshop~ we could all do painting demonstrations and learn from one another!! I wouldn't keep your piece, just enjoy the demo.

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I would love to come by for a demo and a fish sandwich...wish I were closer!
We serve fish in California too!!

Gary Keimig said...

Very nice blog, Jill. Was reading one of your posts about the sense of things [snakes,lizard behind you as you painted]Last fall I was set up on a hillside with a lot of dried out sunflower type plants that continuously rustled in the wind. I knew there was a grizzly Bear that had been sighted in the willows below me earlier in the morning and at every rustle I would jusmp around just to check things out. Later I did spot the grizzly as it passed an opening in the willows easily visible but at a safe distance below.

Steve said...

Jill, I really appreciate that you post subject photo and painting, and photos and explanations of your paintings in progress. For those of us visually oriented, this is invaluable. Your work is beautiful and I will be visiting your blog regularly. Thanks...Steve

SJ Studio said...

Another nice painting from the "Texture Queen"!

Those small waves look great by the way.
Don B : )

Gwen Bell said...

Really nice, Jill! I like that you left the beach bag out of your composition because her thigh is my favorite part. Great story! You are so lucky to live by the beach.

Jill Berry said...

Thanks to all of you for entering into this blog. Your thoughts help motivate me.

Werner said...

einen wunderschönen Stil den du da hast. weiter so

Gruß Werner

Highton-Ridley said...

I enjoyed the glimpse into what happened when your subject left, thanks for sharing that personal moment.

And it just goes to show that there's many a marketing opportunity when you simply engage with people.