Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amphitheater of Plein-air

In the same way a song brings back a place and time, so does a painting for the artist. This one brings back the surround-sound and action in the amphitheater of life here along the seawall. Noticing the great variety of palms here on Galveston Island, I began my investigation of what seemed like every species, by taking photos around a lavish hotel. Then I ended up choosing the lone one across the street by the water. Having finally chosen my location, contrasting dramas began to play out all around me. There was the young explorer excited by the shore and his big find- the crab. Then there was the guy passed out in the bed of a pick-up in the blazing heat, who I'm sure would rather have been indoors for his siesta. Different guys on bikes stopped by for an art chat. One a graffiti artist (who said he does not work on public property). The other, on the University board (he said they were discussing starting an art school here). To my right - awaiting the glow of sunset was a young family all dressed in white, ready for their portrait to be taken. From stage left, enters a lady who first stops to pay me a casual compliment, "That's nice, Girly". Then she took her seat under the palm and began to cry out in Spanish, as if calling for someone lost. No one was out in the water at that time. She eventually went out there, clothes and all, still calling with painful expression. She exited past the family portrait scene. No one seemed alarmed, perhaps it was her ritual of release. Doubtful that there is a connection, but it brought back the recent tragedy here along the curve of the seawall on Mother's Day. A parked car was struck by a drunk driver, the mother survived but lost her husband and three children. While reviewing my photos and the many contrasts of the day, I noticed the bold writing on her shirt - PEACE ~ LOVE ~ LIFE ~

Lone Palm, 9x12, Oil


Karen said...

I agree, it is nice, Girly. ! That is one zany painting day you had. I'm impressed with your concentration. :)
Phenomenal sense of distance here. That palm up front just pops, while the rest softly falls back.

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

You know what? I enjoy your painting more than the real-life scene! Wonderful how you make reality more beautiful in your paintings! I think that is a touch of heaven in you! :)

Anonymous said...

Makes me homesick for my years in S Florida! Lovely painting.

Chuck Dilmore said...

beautiful, Jill!

and i have to agree with the above...
as great as the photos are,
your work is much more interesting!


steve strode said...

Hi Jill, I dont know if you got my last comment, I swear I'll get to grips with this technology soon. Anyhow I checked things this end re updates not appearing on your board, and things seem to be fine on my friends p.c. Anyhow it's all a little irrelevant at the moment as I have not posted for a couple of weeks. My teaching is drawing to a close these last few weeks so I'm bogged down with paper work and evaluations. like your latest work, though how you managed with the sideshow going on I'll never know. Nice one. All the best, Steve.

Kathleen Harrington Paints said...

"In the same way a song brings back a place and time, so does a painting for the artist."

This is so true!!