Monday, May 18, 2009

Workshop, Final Episode

Ever feel compelled to title your photographs? For this one, it's a toss-up between "Art with an Edge" or "Gators got your Granny". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Start~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Interpretation - "Gator Country", Oil on 8x10 panel
~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~My Inspiring View~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gator's Evening Cruise~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here's the play-by-play of the final demo of the Don Demers workshop. Earlier in the day he started advertising that his evening painting was going to exhibit a loose and responsive style. Well you know my interest meter peaked. I was looking forward to this one!
He immediately established all these spacial relationships up front. To me, it's looking rather like a Leonardo mechanical drawing, especially on the umber tone. (I often start without the discipline of any lines.)To him this is "abstract" in the sense that he was simply laying in pieces of paint, with no attempt to render them as a form. The task was to simplify this scene and add only the beneficial elements.He finished this with a lot of "helpful input" from the crowd. See the two little boats that help to break up the straight line of the fence? That was one of my "tips", also over on the right, the palm, to make it say - tropical. Makes all the difference, don't you think? (click photos to enlarge)This was the end - I think we helped him loosen up and overcome his "uptight" style. It's just too bad for him though, that this "color study" only earned him half the price of his more sophisticated work.


SJ Studio said...

He is soooo good! These are great posts. Very nice to see the step by step with his colors etc. I love the rich earth tones he is painting with. Thanks again for sharing these.

AND I am LOL. Poor granny, I mean really! Gators while you paint? You have so much interesting stuff going on in your neck of the woods. Those boats (shrimp boats right?) are great and the docks have so much character.

Chuck Dilmore said...

i love that you are
seeking to become more,
learning to express yourself
in new ways, open to a new view!

i look forward to your next work!


Robin Roberts said...

It's been so fun to read your feedback on the demonstrations and your experiences at the paint out. The good ones make it look easy!. Your painting is beautiful and I'm thinking it has some sophisticated color that doesn't quite show in the photo. I think it's a daring composition.

Jill Berry said...

Don @SJ Studio,
It sounds like you are familiar with Demers, mentioning his inclusion of earth tones and rich neutrals. I was not until last week, sorry to say.
Today I received and promptly watched the DVD he sent- The Outdoor Studio of Don Demers-Painting the Coast of Maine. I think it's part of a series for PBS. If you are interested in his take on plein air, it is rich with good info. (Not to say you need help) But I found it worth the $$.

Jill Berry said...

Chuck - Yeah, being all that and more over here at the papj. I'm my own photographer too. I use a cable attatched to the camera, so I can press the shutter with a tap of the foot as I work. I hope to some day be on u-tube.

SJ Studio said...

Hi Jill,
Actually I wasn't familiar with Demers until you posted this series. I am going to check out his website for the DVD. Sounds like a good one.

Jill Berry said...

Robin - Thanks for your encouraging words. It's nice to know who's out there enjoying the posts, - another Southern Painter.
Your "Black Horse" is a very nice work!

Jill Berry said...

SJ Studio-
Yeah, he is the second instructor to say - "You are an Impressionist painter"- a label I'll take, and try to live up to.
The DVD is not advertised on the site, but he will send you one. His contact info is listed, e-mail is
On the earth tones - I forgot to tell you, he likes "Greenish Umber" Rembrant brand.

Karen said...

Oh wow I LOVE your painting spot!! (and your painting too)
Thanks for posting more of the workshop, it's been great to read.
Did you find it challenging to work with someone who, at least superficially, seems to be, maybe less impressionistic than you? Did he try to influence the way you laid down your paint?

Jill Berry said...

Hey Karen,
Don had a way of finding something nice to say: "You have an exciting painting style", "your good with that knife", "that piece of yellow paint on the horizon is nice" What your doing there with the knife is very effective." He would still balance the remarks with advice on stucture, composition, focus on intent...but not so much application.
On my part, I fell apart at the easel and was quite happy to be a visual learner and watch. Looking at my piece, I must have a streak of rebellion to throw down paint like that in the midst of extreme professionalism. I'm sure my kidding him about too much maul- stick was pure coping mechanism. About this painting- it's on a board with just gesso, too slick, I will attatch canvas to them in the future to prevent similar stunts.
I was so impressed with your great portraiture at the Leffel workshop?
carry on ~~~

Rick said...

Art nearly over the edge. That's too close for Gator bait for me. I'll find inspiration else where.

Pam Holnback said...

I love your final episode shot! I really like your "interpretation" piece. The water is beautiful.

becky joy said...

Wonderful work. Looks like a great workshop. Keep up the education and good work.

Galina Nikolova said...

Hello Jill,
Freedom somehow means that painting studio is everywhere you feel inspired.
Thank you.

Marian Fortunati said...

I haven't visited in a while and now that I have I see that I've missed (but had fun catching up on) a GREAT adventure!!
Wow... so many different things you've been doing. Congrats on the quick draw success and thanks for all of the info on the demos.
I need to come back more often!!