Saturday, May 16, 2009

Plein Air Workshop !

At the Paint-out they offered a wonderful workshop. Donald Demers - the master of marine painting came from up north (his slight Kennedy accent gives him away). For someone into boats, it was the ideal location because that's about all they have there besides great seafood restaurants. My first night I realized that the directions "go to the redlight", really means the only one as opposed to the caution light. I know, how could I get lost in an uncomplicated "downtown", well Google doesn't know it's way to the "Wetroom" Reveal Gala at the Historic Cotton Warehouse either ! So here's my chance to return the favor of sharing a workshop experience. To start, he lightly scrubbed in some tonal areas onto the white linen-covered board (using no white paint in the beginning). Then he sketches in the layout with a small brush. Narrating, explaining, and conversing as he works...Don couldn't be a more personable guy.
Almost finished, he came early the next morning to fine tune it with more rigging. Here are my mental notes - He was motivated by that piece of water by the hull, he set out to capture the shape and radiance of that above all. So he totally played down the sky, used a larger brush and free style on vegetation, and continued adding bits of interest to keep you exploring the boat. (You can click on the image to enlarge it.) It might still be for sale at . If you want to check out his website: .


Robin Roberts said...

I'm really enjoying your paint out paintings ( i can see them partially in your photos) and the report on the paint out. Love your skies!

SJ Studio said...

What a great time and watching Don Demers paint must have been very enlightening. The photos of his work in progress are very cool. I love those nice rich neutral colors he uses.