Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jill's World

"Have a seat and someone will be with you eventually", that's the title for this photo from my studio couch. I am away sometime for weeks, and return to this: mostly plein-air starts, waiting for attention before they can be released back into the wild. Often they are not confined to the studio either, as I bring the ones that I am thinking through, out to the living room so they can tell me their problems. I know, I might be the one with the problem if I am on the couch. Anyway, there IS a lot of work to do in Jill's World. It's Awards Day!! Gwen Bell has kindly selected me for this Kreativ Blogger Award! Thanks Gwen... My acceptance speech will reflect on how I got to where I am today. I have always loved pictures and the emotions they carry...
This little Jill remembers
the first anxious feelings of "what to paint?", as the easel in the back of the class awaited her turn.
This Honda Jill is the resident-artist at the "Shady Rest", the neighborhood biker hang-out & tree by the tennis courts. She has her own easel now, even takes oil painting classes and has her first art-room/walk-in-closet. Thanks Mom, for the art gear (that easel is in the photo above). Thanks Dad, for the bike. Thanks God that I survived the man-hole cover accident after rolling past 3 houses without my helmet on. Convertible Jill has received some Art Awards and is the President of the Art Club! She is into photography now and her Dad got her an awesome Minolta camera, which was stolen out of this convertible that he got her for her birthday. Thanks again, Dad. (You know that my birthday was last week and I still like surprises. Right?) I'll remind my sisters, that I worked hard to pay off the Cougar that was the trade-in.
Thanks to their Art teacher - Mr. Greg Gaby, these two grads got Art Scholarships to Murray State University! Meet my best art-buddy, Joy-Lynn Moneta Henderson, now Thomas, since she married our male model from figure-drawing class. She has spent the huge chunk of time since then and now to develop the artist in her. So, she's this famous portrait artist now. Oh yeah, her book is out [The Art of Portrait Drawing, Joy Thomas - by North Light Books]. So I get to see her when I go in Barnes & Noble. I guess our class was on to something when we picked her for "Most Likely to Succeed". That's OK Joy Lynn, you know I made better grades, that's why the teachers chose me for Who's Who at CHS. Not to mention, I was a champion cheerleader, after two others had to take maternity leave. She is NOT a blogger, but she sure can paint! See her work- Joy Thomas
There is one new blogger I can tell you about. I won't interrupt his workshop in Tuscany, with this award, though I would like to hop on a plane and take it there. Check out Greg LaRock from CA.


Chuck Dilmore said...

awesome glimpse inside - thank you!
(you never told me you rode a Honda!)

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

What a great post. We know so much about you now it feels as if we should be getting together for a coffee. :) Love the glimpse of Jill's daring spirit throughout life. From motorcycles to fast cars to painting all day next to snakes!
I've seen Joy's work at the Portrait Artist website. Beautiful.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Hi Jill,

I have just posted a thumbnail of your recent work on my blog. It's my way of keeping up with my favorite blogs. I hope it is ok with you.

Best Regards

SJ Studio said...

I like Jill's world.

You have some great paintings calling you in that photo. Looks like Jill's world is going to be a busy world for a while.

Cheers, SJ Studio

Gwen Bell said...

What a wonderfully creative post! I'm still smiling. Love Little Jill's groovy haircut.

Jill Berry said...

I look forward to hearing from my constant commenters. Believe it or not, I don't like to do all the talking in Jill's world, even if my posts are turning into essays.

That get-together sounds like fun, Dale.

Joan, I appreciate you honoring me with the link-up. Thank you.

Hey Gwen, Did your mom like to cut your bangs short? She made my dress too!
With my first blog award, I kept all the rules. But after realizing that my first three selections had just received this one, I had to get creative this time. Thanks again.

PJ said...

Hi Jill, thanks for stopping by. I photographed some Plein Air painters at the Wildlife Sanctuary Farm and Garden Tour. When I Googled y'all I found your website and I like to peek in every now and then. I like your work and your subject matter very much. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Nancy and the fatties said...

LOL! I wonder where that Minolta camera is today. What a fun post, Jill. Did dad get you a new one?
hugs from Texas...

Jill Berry said...

Hey Nancy,
I wonder too. (And if there is a repenter out there- see contact info.)
The rest of this series of unfortunate events is almost too much ignorance for me to admit. The insurance $ from the camera was in my purse that was also stolen from the TR6. I finaly did replace it after my MINDLESS days of higher education ~~~
I have family in Houston & Galveston. I'm sure I'll have to leave the sunshine state to visit the lone star state sometime soon. Hold down the fort...

Joy Thomas said...

It was wonderful to talk with you yesterday and to see your VERY COOL blog site...I loved the quick trip down memory lane..thanks so much for including me, that was adorable.
Hey!...all those paintings sitting around are BEAUTIFUL...I love them...and you!

Keep me posted as soon as we finish our house and studio...I'm going to become a blogger too!


Karen said...

Thanks for the peek inside Jill's world! And I love to see all of your work out there, waiting for you...