Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Sunday Swim in KY" / Out of my Head

Some time ago I decided to try a painting "out of my head", drawing only on a memory. Tucked away in my brain is this most idyllic spot. I had never been there before and haven't been back since, so it's hard to say whether the light normally streams through the trees and makes this swimming hole in Kentucky glimmer. Although just a short Sunday drive from home, when you are 17 and the dew of romance hangs in the summer atmosphere, that distance represents miles of freedom.
Though not plein air, "Sunday Swim" gets inserted in my painting journal as a rare occurrence for me - a purely emotional landscape. What freedom of expression comes when you stop depicting what you can see, and work solely from an impression, and from so many years ago. One thing I like about this painting is that it keeps the eye engaged through broken color. I may also have been feeling a bit psychedelic (since the memory was from the 70's).
I assumed this wild style might be appreciated only in my own head, but somebody liked it, because of my pieces that were accepted at an upscale interiors store, it was the first to sell. Perhaps I should rely on flashes from the past more often. But no, I'm hooked on plein air now.
~~~Click on the painting and enjoy the swim up close.~~~


Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Hi Jill,
The wild style works really well. I bet you could go wild en plein air, also. You have a wonderful color sense.

Chuck Dilmore said...

oh, my!
soo different - i just love it!

and to see it up close...
wow - so much detail was required
but the effect is stunning to the admirer!

all of us!


Karen said...

It shimmers! And I think it works as part of your whole body of work--it's kind of like a close-up, or maybe a dissolution, of one of your plein airs.

Sandra Galda a Daily Painter said...

Hi Jill, nice to meet you! Thanks for commenting on my blog, you live in a beautiful place of the country, and your work is very beautiful and colorful! Happy Painting!

Jill Berry said...

to my readers and observers.
Your comments are always insightful.

Dale - I appreciate the color sense comment. I do LOVE color. It often entertains my brain. And I can't force my self to limit my palette to a few either.

Chuck - Glad to know that a creative writer read my post till the end, dove in for the up-close and enjoyed the swim.

Karen - Dissolution is an interesting take, but good since I try to avoid tight blended work.

Sandra - Thanks for visiting. I do enjoy the landscape here. Think I'll go do some happy painting now.

Pamela Alderman said...

I love the colors you have chosen. And I would like to visit that place. My mom keeps telling me to paint out of my head. You have given me some ideas.

Patrick said...

Bravo Jill !!!

Perharps am i a little nostalgic about the psychedelic era but i really love this one :)

The colors are vivid and that special technic gives an abstract dimension to you work without hiding the subject !

nielsp said...

Hi Jill

I have a great fondness for loose impressionist type paintings. This is what I am trying to achieve. But since I have just started to paint I feel I need to be able to paint what I see before I paint what my mind sees.

Thanks for dropping by my site. In the future I plan to add more painting attempts along with my photographs.

Niels Henriksen

B Boylan said...

Texture! Color! Mood! Wow!