Saturday, April 4, 2009

Exaggerate When You Paint

When I heard we were going to paint at the Dixie Day Lily Farm, I envisioned blooming color in mass. You know, like Monet painted in Holland, minus the windmills. When I got there and saw only a spattering of color, I decided I had to make it happen. I used the composition at hand, but painted it the way I wanted it to be. As the old song goes - "You've got to accentuate the positive - Eliminate the negative - Latch on to the affirmative - Don't mess with Mr. in-between" (Johnny Mercer). Van Gogh, who was the master of exaggeration said "I am now trying to exaggerate the essential, to leave the commonplace deliberately vague."
Notice how much the light and shadows along the tree line changed. As rain clouds approached and cut our outing short, I think the owner of the farm was a bit relieved as we packed up, so no one got struck by lightening.
"Dixie Day Lily Farm", 11x14 Oil is Available - $150.
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Kathleen said...

I'm sending you a bloggers award for Passion in Painting ...When you get a chance check my blog!

Robin Roberts said...

Beautiful, I especially like the rythm of the sky.....

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Jill, your work is lovely! I checked out your website and I really like how you photographed your paintings in the setting in which you painted them, as well as the music.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Karen said...

Perfect title...when I saw it I thought Yes!! And you did exactly that. We all need to remember this. I like how you exaggerated the colors, but also the textures (of the flowers). Nice!

Chuck Dilmore said...

That's pretty incredible...

When I saw the finished art, I thought:
What a beautiful day! What a place!
And then to see the reality that you worked from...

It's true talent that can make a person see and love a new reality!

Awesome - as always!

Jill Berry said...

THANKS Kathleen for honoring me with my first blog award.

Thanks to all you painting ladies for taking the time to encourage others while your own brushes are screaming for attention.

Thanks Dana for checking out my website, you may be the first blogger to leave me a comment about it.
It was interesting to know that you were plein-airing recently with two other bloggers from the hood. Nice work from that day too.

And, Thanks to Chuck, who paints his pictures with words.