Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mimosa Tree

I was honored to have this piece accepted into the Pensacola Museum of Art - Members' Juried Exhibition.
All of my previous posts have been of plein-air paintings, initiated on site of the location being painted. I'm breaking tradition here. This painting of "Mimosa Tree" was done in the studio.
While traveling home from the Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, AL, I pulled over to photograph this Mimosa in full bloom just begging to be painted. I have always been intrigued by the color and delicate texture of this unique tree. I remember having one in our front yard as a child in KY. Now that I think about it, I did a charcoal drawing of it from my upstairs bedroom window with a full moon over it. So I may have to alter the record of my first "nocturne" being a few weeks ago.
"Mimosa Tree", 16x20 Oil on gallery wrap canvas, can be purchased at Merrill Miller's Interiors, Orange Beach, Al, or through my website: http://www.jillberryartist.com/ .
*Note- Click on the painting to see the texture.


classiccakes said...

I love you work. It makes me feel so relaxed. I also remember a tree like that in my yard in Ky. This is my favorite blog site. Keep up the great painting!

Jill Berry said...

Hey!!! Classic Cakes from KY has entered the blogosphere! Thanks for your kind comments. I enjoyed your cake pics, you make edible ART.

Patrick said...

Jill, your mimosa is beautiful and very surprising for me. We have many here (just a few km far from where i live there is a village named Bormes les Mimosas). They are in full bloom now and they are all yellow. I've never seen a pink one !

TSL said...

Gracious, Jill! I feel I need to get out more when I see all your paintings from various locations! Nice work, happy paintings, feel all yummy when I view them.

LSaeta said...

I really like this painting! You took a typical scene and made a gorgeous painting from it! Way to go. (And I have to admit, my profile photo is about 8 years old ... it's all I could find!)

B Boylan said...

Hi Jill,
This is really beautiful! In Oregon, our spring is just beginning to show signs of growth. It looks like your climate is about a month ahead of us. Paint more clues of the warming months, please!

Jill Berry said...

Thank you. I am excited that a wonderfully artistic photographer from the south of France has commented on my work. I wsnt to go there but will have to see it through your lens for now.

Thanks for sharing the comments about my work being happy and yummy. I now realize it is a professional opinion since I have checked out your blog! Wow!
Yea, there is nothing like getting out for inspiration. I'm blessed to be a part of a group of artists that paint outside weeekly. when the location and directions are sent to you by email each week it sure motivates you to get up and get out there. You don't want to miss an opportunity to paint somewhere that you might not have on your own. Of course sometimes I just go out on my own too.

Jill Berry said...

Thanks Leslie, and Brenda.
This blog is not done in real time. This painting was pulled from last year's archives. I did mention where it is hanging now but I forgot to mention that it was in a show, so I just edited my post.
I havn't seen any mimosas blooming yet. But I have been considering posting canvases in bloom for all the bloggers begging for signs of Spring.

Kim VanDerhoek said...

Beautiful! I love the way you pushed the background back with all of teh soft edges. Then the strong color and bold brushwork is in your focal point. Very strong!