Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Alabama Tree with a Florida View" / First Impressions

It was an exceptionally gray morning as I crossed the bridge from Florida into Alabama (you can see the bridge in the far distance of my location photo). I chose this tree as my subject because of it's character of form and the way it arose out of the earth and occupied that location. One of my favorite quotes was taught to Monet by Boudin "One must show extreme stubbornness to retain the first impression, which is the right one." As I paint outside, the world turns, the light shifts, the water changes colors, boats go by, and the sky is in constant transformation. On this day vivid patches of blue sky peaked through the heavy cloud covering. This silhouette of a scrubby oak seemed to be aware that just beyond that bay a Florida vacation awaited. 'That which is worth while in a landscape is the expression of human emotion in it." [Robert Henri, The Art Spirit]
"Alabama Tree with a Florida View", 16x20 oil on gallery wrap canvas, SOLD - Merrill Miller's Interiors, Orange Beach, AL
If you let a tourist take your photo, you may grow antlers.


Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Beautiful composition and values make for a beautiful painting. And the words of wisdom are always something to tuck into my paintbox. If stubbornness is important to a good painting, I have half the requirements licked. Greetings from Panama. And thanks for your last comment, too. :)

Patrick said...


I really understand your subject choice. The tree's shape has something wild and alive.

I'm also always amazed to see what painters can do. If i would try to make such a painting i think i could just try to copy what i see. You put colors, changed the tree on the left and removed some things we could find disgracious.
You really catch the spirit and atmosphere of the place, leave the annoying details and give us the best of this atmosphere. Thank you.

Laurel Daniel said...

Very beautifully done - that tree has so much character! And I love your quotes... words to paint by!

Karen said...

Jill, it's lovely. You've got at that sense of shifting...but that tree anchors it all.
Love those quotes.

Jill Berry said...

Thank you all for taking the time to say a kind word about my work. I so enjoy checking back and seeing what you are all up to.

Patrick- The technical side of making art with a camera is equally amazing to me. I love to take pictures, but not worry with f-stops and such. I did figure out how to stitch photos with my Canon power shot and was pretty proud of myself. My philosophy is take a lot and some of them will be keepers.

Edward B. Gordon said...

fantastic work ! Bravo !!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That is a 'lyrical' tree! Beautiful!
I like your 'hat' too!!