Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tree by the Waterside

When I first saw this tree I knew I had to paint it, the shape, the texture, the precarious lean toward the bay that has both nourished it and delivered some rough storms.
"It's the artist's business, the painter's job to point out to the public the beauties of nature. ...We do well the things we see already painted in our minds eye." Charles Hawthorne. [Hawthorne on Painting]
This 16x20 oil painting "Tree by the Waterside" received an award at a plein air show - Arts and Design Society of Fort Walton Beach, FL. Then was sold in Fairhope, AL - Eastern Shore Art Center.


LSaeta said...

A lovely painting. Not to mention the fact you received an award and it also sold! Now that is success. I am glad to have found your blog. You are very talented.

Jill Berry said...

Wow, I consider that a huge compliment coming from you. Thanks.
I see why "On Your Toes" is your personal favorite of your work. I like that a lot too.

DEB said...

This is lovely! It has such a serene, classical feel to it!

LSaeta said...

Thanks Jill. I love coming to your blog and comparing your paintings to the reference photos. It is great to see the changes you make in your paintings as compared to the view you are painting. So, my big question is ... do you paint with a palette knife? It looks like you do ...

Jill Berry said...

Thanks for your comments.
Feedback is great.

Yes, most of my work is done with knives. The last time I went out painting, I considered not taking any brushes but I did use one to block in with.

Karen said...

Hi Jill, Great texture on the tree, and I especially love how you let that texture fade out as it moves away from the tree. Really wonderful way to get at the atmosphere.
Congrats, too!
(and I really love seeing the location shots too)