Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hemingway's Balcony

It was a cold dark night on Hemingway's balcony at Pensacola Beach when I painted my first plein-air nocturne. Having enjoyed some yummy barbecued shrimp and discussion of our fellow painters up North, we left our window-view and braved the elements. Of course being a Southerner and fearing that my heart would freeze if I got too cold, I had on four layers of toppings and a coat.
With my Indigo toned canvas, I set up to include the exceptionally good view of the moon visible on January 30th, and decided to focus in on the palms lit from below. It is a good thing I know where my colors are located on my palette because it was very dark and hard to see what shade I was painting with. I wondered what it was going to look like the next morning after this wild night out!
"Hemingway's Balcony" - Oil on 12x16 gallery wrap canvas, will be available for purchase when dry.


Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Great freedom of color and placement. Funny how the painting has me thinking "hot", until I see what you're dressed in. :) Still, I'm not tempted to do a plein air nocturne tonight in VT. beautiful painting.

Karen said...

Wonderful! The textures! I am impressed-- I haven't yet gotten out there at night!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks for your comments. This is one of those paintings that I sometimes wonder if I got too "free" on.
Yea, since most of you are painting in the cold I wanted to post the rare, probably only time this winter I will paint in a coat in Florida.

Karen, Sorry I'm slow with my replies, I hope you noticed the comments to you on my previous post. I probably should have put them on your blog, since they were about your work. I'm still figuring out the blogosphere.

Chuck Dilmore said...

Dear Jill,
Okay... I love the feel of all your work, but this particular one touches me! Just beautiful!

It's also great to see you in action... gives me (a non-artist) a great perspective and appreciation!

Very nice work! Thank you for sharing with us!