Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Day at the Beach

This painting, "A Day at the Beach" was done very close to the location of my last post. See what a difference lighting makes!
In June at Pensacola Beach this shady spot under a covered roof was a real treat. From it I liked the view of the tiki hut roof, and decided to put it in my foreground. Perhaps subconsciously it represented my desire for shade, but probably I just liked the texture.
I worked out the kinks of this painting way after the sun went down and I had time to see my photography of the day. Realizing that I needed to balance things out, I added the red boat and the bridge as well as broken color on the water. Also there was a lot of action out there that I had not portrayed so I also put in what I consider now to be the essence of the painting - the lady watching the kids swim. Click on the painting for an up-close view.
This 12x16 oil painting is available at Merrill Miller's Interiors, Orange Beach, AL., or through my website- http://www.jillberryartist.com/ . Clicking on my easel icon above, that says "View Gallery" also takes you to the website.


Anonymous said...

wow! you painted that? it's awesome! :)

ley said...

you are so talented.. nice painting

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Hi Jill, thank you for stopping by my blog. Your blog is wonderful, I have marked you as one of my favorites. Your paintings are beautiful and I love your first nocturnal piece! Wow! You must be very happy with it. And your koi pond is beautiful, especially interesting is the quote about taking things away in a painting. I will e-mail you but I don't know of any plein air groups, I will ask around at class this week though.

Pedro Erik Wessen said...

Thanks for dropping by Mari and I's kitchen. I hope you enjoyed the casserole. Let us know how it came out. English is OK, I can translate for her. As to the Delft in the background, well you certainly have an eye for detail, you can see each piece individually by looking under the 'more about me'. I love your handling of texture. Nice composition also. And I not just saying that... it is my professional opinion. Cheers.

Jill Berry said...

Thank you all for your comments, I have enjoyed checking out all of your blogs as well.

Joan, I appreciate all the words of encouragement and your effort to share info. Perhaps our paths will cross soon.

Pedro, Thanks. Yes I enjoyed seeing your delft blog. I am looking forward to reading all about how pigments are made on your other blog.