Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Creating Movement

I try to be sensitive to what it is about the subject that interests me. Here it's the horse's graceful gesture, his curious glance and his rich chestnut color. The sunny morning that enveloped his constant parade also became an important element. Hopefully the eye continues to move around the painting and does not fix on a static shape and get stuck there. As a landscape painter I don't often deal with my main subject constantly in motion. So this became my overriding challenge of the day. Thank you for your interest in my artwork and commentary. Especially to the three fellow artist-bloggers who consider me a favorite! I'm honored to know that. Feedback is encouraging in the generally private world of the artist. This painting: "Plein Air @ the Farm" is available for purchase from my website - www.JILLBERRYARTIST.com . It is currently showing at Whatever! Gallery in Pensacola, FL.


Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Great impressionistic horse Jill, moving subjects seem almost impossible to me but you’ve captured this horse’s gesture well. He seems prepared to paw the ground with his front foot and nod his head.

Jill Berry said...

Thanks for your comments. This peice was one I sort of liked every other time I looked at it, but it didn't make the cut for our group's annual plein air show.
I enjoyed the chance to browse your artwork at your website. Of special interest were the familiar sites of the Outer Banks of N.C., since I lived there for 10 years. I was not into plein air at the time, but it would now be worth the trip back.