Thursday, October 16, 2008

Editing Your Painting

This painting is currently in our Annual Plein Air Painting Show that runs through Oct.17 at The Wright Place, Pensacola. The Art Critic/Commentator for the local News Journal in his article Eye on Art gave it a nod of approval: "Note Jill Berry's timely "Palafox Market", the small Saturday morning bazaar under the street's canopy of crepe myrtles." Of the group show he says, "Most of its scenes serve as local snapshots." ~~~ Some paintings like the one I posted yesterday are done Alla Prima meaning all at once, in one sitting. You know when you get it home that it is finished & you don't dare touch it again. This painting of the market was not one of those. When I was ready to leave the market my painting was only a rough in. It needed a lot of fine tuning to make it presentable. While out, I keep my camera handy to catch occurrences such as the watermelon purchaser, who was added at home in my air conditioned studio; and in my painting reminds me of Bella Karoli.

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