Thursday, July 26, 2018

"Meet the Artist" Jill Berry, Pensacola Visitor Center

Exploring beauty is what landscape painters do. And when it comes to our home turf, extra bragging rights come with the territory. So many sites in Pensacola have become dear to me as I've painted outside here over the last decade. 

When Visit Pensacola proposed hosting a "Meet the Artist" event at the Visitor Center, I agreed. Opportunities that suddenly arise are the best. 

 I painted the view out the back door, staying inside for the comfort of viewers.

The hibiscus on the porch gave a nice color boost to the foreground.

I pause even when painting, to snap a photo of fleeting beauty.

My little "pop-up gallery exhibit" featured paintings from all sides of town including Joe Patti's Seafood, Hemingway's at the Beach, Scenic Highway, Navy Point Park, a marina near the Barrancas Bridge, and a Gulf view from the Pensacola Lighthouse.

The one on the easel was painted near the visitor center location, Historic Downtown. I call it "Native Vegetation" because that's how I imagine our shore appeared when Luna's fleet arrived in 1559. Three of their vessels have been discovered in Escambia Bay. They were unprepared for hurricane season!

We are uniquely situated as a seaport with protective barrier islands. I even find maps of our area fascinating, considering all the bays and bayous as treasure troves. We are short on elevation, no mountains in the distance, but quite rich in shoreline with abundant plant life. We're known as the "World's Whitest Beaches", "Cradle of Naval Aviation",  "Western Gate to the Sunshine State", "America's First Settlement", and the "Emerald Coast".
Thanks to for the advertisement in Pensacola News Journal and on their website. Here's the link: "Meet the Artist" - Impressionist Landscape Painter, Jill Berry

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Showing in Sandestin Florida

Outdoor Magic, an exhibit of plein air paintings on display at the Foster Gallery in Sandestin FL.

"Greetings From the Emerald Coast" by Jill Berry, 11x14, Oil

Opening nights are fun, meeting new people of the artistic persuasion. 

Juror of the show, Melody Bogle comments on her top picks.

The lovely Foster Gallery is located in the Grand Boulevard, Sandestin Town Center. Stop by if you're near. The show runs through Sept. 4, 2017.

I'm glad I selected a seascape for this beach area, as it was chosen to promote the show. 
I do have a second painting in the exhibit. It's the one peeking from the distance. (on top)

Green Peace, 12x16, Oil. (SOLD) 

On location at Coldwater Creek, FL.

This was my first time hanging with the Emerald Coast Plein Air Group, except these two- Joan Vienot and Ed Nickerson. We were all Florida's Finest plein air Ambassadors! ... But that is a story for another day.

Thanks to Joan and the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County for hosting this show. Click my page link for more on this affiliation.
Berry, Jill • Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Plein Air South

  Plein Air South had it's inaugural gathering in May 2016 in Apalachicola, Florida. The influence of today's plein air painting community is priceless. It was my pleasure to host the critique segment where participants could get advice on their paintings from three accomplished and fun artists: Larry Moore (FL), Dee Beard Dean (NC), and Bill Davidson (CO).

 The event was formed during numerous go-to-meeting video conferences. From several states, on our laptops we shared ideas and hashed out possibilities. The intent was simple - we wanted a community style gathering, a place to enjoy the southern landscape in the company of artists who share the passion of painting outdoors. With camaraderie the focus, it is not a competition. All are welcome to participate and be inspired at this artistic celebration.

  Our opening reception keynote address was presented by Jean Stern, Executive Director, The Irvine Museum, CA. Like a buffet three times a day there were selections of artists at nearby venues sharing a variety of engaging presentations, painting demos, and panel discussions. The grand event closed with a yummy seafood dinner and a thought provoking address on "Authenticity" by Joe Paquet, a signature member of the Plein Air Painters of America. 

Workin' gals in our Plein Air South caps - compliments of being on the planning committee. 

   Joe Taylor had the vision and made it happen with his community team in Apalachicola (Franklin's Promise Coalition). Denise Rose took on the scheduling and website preparation so participants could sign up on line. When our imaginings were realized and we all came together for four days, it was quite the art-party. It's a terrific value considering all the food, drink, music, and art on tap. It follows the Forgotten Coast en Plein Air (an invitational paint-out) and is facilitated by the Forgotten Coast Cultural Coalition.

  Lots of creative sparks build up in the atmosphere when artists converge. If you're like me, it's imperative to get out there and compose your own memories of the scene, the day, the light. So bring your paint-gear and find a get-away between sessions. There might be something in the salty air or perhaps the fresh seafood that makes you paint better! Just a thought, anyway come join us in Apalach'. A painting, or a painting event, is what you make it.

          Twenty-four artists in all made up the cast of presenters.

Jason Sacran, John Lasater and Bill Davidson heckling Jim Richards painting a bathroom!

Jim Richards

Morgan Price

Alyson Stanfield

Jason Sacran

Jim Richards 

Larry Moore

Dawn Whitelaw

Dee Beard Dean

Bill Davidson

Riverfront Summer Night by Jill Berry 

This was fun! Group settings are great for nocturne painting.

Make plans! The 2017 gathering of Plein Air South is May 15-18. New info is being updated on the website:  Info "About Us" can be found on this page. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Plein Air Magazine, Paint the National Parks

As seen in PleinAir Magazine! That puts a smile on my face to say.

 My painting "The Bluffs" was selected for the National Park Portfolio article in the January 2017 publication of PleinAir. I'm currently in a bookstore near you!

 The location of my plein air work was the Gulf Islands National Seashore, on the Pensacola Bay side in Gulf Breeze, Florida. The shore is a favorite subject of mine. I live in view of the sandy barrier islands that form this park. When I saw this submission call I already had archives of paintings to choose from.

[The Lure of the Islands in the Gulf of Mexico - "What is it that entices people to the sea?  Poet John Masefield wrote, “I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied.”  Millions of visitors are drawn to the islands in the northern Gulf of Mexico for the white sandy beaches, the aquamarine waters, a boat ride, a camping spot, a tour of an old fort, or a place to fish.] 

To this excerpt from the National Parks website, we'll add: a place to paint!

One note of correction to the PleinAir article - "The Bluffs" sold years ago through Merrill Millers Interiors thus is no longer in the artist's collection.


The story of this plein air adventure was originally published here on my Plein Air Painting Journal post from 2010.


Info from the National Parks Service about Gulf Islands National Seashore, link here.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


A great show to be in! All Plein Air work yet we didn't have to paint in a certain location. Thanks Rice Gallery for hosting this!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Denver Episode with the American Impressionist Society

Traveling provides fresh opportunities for the landscape painter. This photo of the Colorado Rockies was taken at the ranch where the American Impressionist Society painted together in 2014. (Yes I have fresh memories on tap of this year's trip to Arizona, but the chronological part of me won't allow me to share that yet.)   

Opening Night! American Impressionist Society, National Juried Exhibition, Denver
The Abend Gallery hosted the festivities. At the mic - Debra Groesser, President. At her side - Becky Joy, Show Chair, and Cheryl St. John, VP. 

There's my "Restoration Time" among the boats and seascapes. On each artist's name tag was their painting. It was fun to recognize each other by our works. 

With Deb and Cheryl at the paint-out. A yummy barbecue lunch was provided by Southwest Art Magazine.

Clayton Beck was the judge of awards. Befriending the Judge! Ha!

Back to work! For my 2nd painting I climbed a bit higher to get a view of the snow capped peaks - difficult to see in this photo.

Enjoyed the Western American Art Collection at the Denver Art Museum with some fine artists - Julie Houck and Cindy Baron.

Wonderful lunch at the museum with "Charlie" Carolyn Bogusz of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine (center) and some fine artists from the Northwest - Za Vue and Anton Pavlenko. 

 Interesting to watch this portrait come to life. Clayton painted T. R. Dickinson - husband of Charlotte Dickinson, Original Founder of AIS.

Getting acceptance in this show was a double treat for me because my son and family live there. It felt like I had won or earned a visit with them. 

So much fun hiking around Mount Evans and Red Rocks with these little cuties. They got to break the big news: We're getting a new BABY!!! So yeah, I got to go back to Denver in May to welcome Jake, my son Noah's 1st son! Our 7th grand-baby! Exciting times! Since my plein air start is not show-worthy, I'll leave you with this museum piece - "A Snowy Mountain Range" by Thomas Moran.